About Family Village

Family Village aims to help mothers, fathers and carers achieve balance and happiness for themselves and their families by forming modern ‘Village’ support structures and tools.

To address the strains of parenting in today’s society, Family Village promotes open and respectful communication between co-parents and carers.


Understanding one another's perspectives and respecting each other’s challenges can enable us to work together to improve our wellbeing and that of our children. 

Exhaustion & stress, feeling a loss of control or autonomy, distance in our personal relationships, carrying the mental load, balancing our personal needs and desires with the demands of parenting and our work lives. These are just some of the ‘complaints’ that are far too common place and we firmly believe there’s a better way. 


We refer to the ‘Village Mentality’ that was prevalent in times gone by, a sense of community and shared responsibility over parenting tasks. Whether it was women of the village washing, cooking and parenting together every day, or the men of the village providing, building shelter, teaching their children survival skills - it was a team effort and parenting, especially now, still requires a Village Mentality. 

Family Village is on a mission to help you tap into the support and resources that you need to achieve happiness, wellbeing and balance.